Frequently Asked Questions

Will this new system function similar to APEX?

There may be similarities, but the new system function is focused on supporting individuals who receive an employer sponsored Lump Sum benefit for their move as well as other anticipated, potential customers.

Will the system function more like on-line lead companies such as Trulia, Zillow,, and etc. that hand out leads directly to Real Estate Agents?

The system will deliver leads directly to Agents, but it will be much more than simply a Lead Aggregator Site.  The system is designed to provide a single source and tool for individuals to find, select, and manage services and items associated with a relocation or move; not only real estate, but moving supplies, Household Goods services, and so on.

Will we have to compete against this system for on-line business similar to the sites in the previous question?

While the individual will make the Agent/Supplier selection, you will be expected and responsible for providing quality service.  It will be slightly different from the sites mentioned in the previous question because the individuals will be presented with the system and tool to manage their entire move as opposed to using their own internet search for the various services they select.

Will this be an on-line portal that any and all Agents/Suppliers can create a profile/sign-up to?

It will include Agents/Suppliers we have identified to register, so that the individual can be provided with a wide selection of options to search for assistance and minimize the need of searching themselves on the internet.  However, there is the opportunity to provide additional benefits to the individual with SIRVA Trained Agents.

Is iMove a website like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and etc. that is going to try and rank us for consumers/transferees to review?

The iMove website will pull reviews from Zillow as well as reviews from those individuals who use services available through iMove, and that information will be provided to those individuals for their use in making informed selections.

If so, how will we manage the feedback to make sure they are from actual SIRVA clients/customers?

SIRVA will confirm feedback received from individuals who use iMove.  In an effort to provide the individual with a larger sample size of satisfaction scores, SIRVA will use sources like Zillow and disclose to the individual the source from which the satisfaction information/scores are obtained.

How will we manage (update and market) our profiles/contact information?

Electronic reminders will be sent automatically to confirm and/or request updates to your profile/contact information.  You have the opportunity to log in and also manage your profile/contact information.  Each Agent/Supplier will include a dashboard to track Orders, so SIRVA anticipates you will be using the portal on a regular basis to ensure your profile/contact information is up-to-date and correctly displaying in iMove.

Who will have access to the portal?

Each Agent/Supplier will have access to the portal, to their profile/contact information, their dashboard, etc.  For Agents, their broker representative will be provided access at a future date, before beginning the program, to view activity for the Agents associated with their Brokerage Firm.

Will this be how SIRVA manages all of its client transferees/customers into the future?

This is focused on a business initiative, and is something new to provide support for those individuals receiving a Lump Sum benefit from SIRVA’s  Clients and other potential customers.  SIRVA’s Client requirements and their employees’ feedback will help determine how SIRVA will manage their experience into the future.

How does this impact how we will receive relocation/move leads in the future?

SIRVA expects this system to increase the opportunities for its network of real estate agents and preferred suppliers, and provide higher quality Leads that were not being received previously.

What are the plans for iMove into the future?

SIRVA is utilizing a customer research firm who is reviewing the program and technology with customers.  The result of the customer feedback will help determine the future plans.

When will we begin to receive Leads (we may need to communicate)?

SIRVA estimates beginning to send Leads by the end of August.

If the system allows individual Agent profiles and Supplier information, it will be a little more difficult to manage who is paying the referral fees as it will also be difficult on our end to track who is getting leads.

The system will track which Agent(s)/Supplier(s) the customer selects and which is the Lead.  SIRVA plans to provide the Agent’s broker representative and the Supplier contact with the ability to easily track Leads and referral fees.

Will we have reporting capabilities for iMove to track the volume sent to our Brokerage Firms/Supplier contacts?

Yes.  Dashboards will be made available to not only view reports, but to also export information.

Why do you have to disclose the referral fee to the Agent when it’s our Brokerage Firm that pays you?

The referral fee will be a reduction from expected commission available for the Agent, so it is important they are aware of all components of the program.

Will each referral require an individual referral agreement to be signed or will the Agents and their broker representative only sign the referral agreement once for all future referrals that are received through iMove?

An Agent will only need to sign a referral agreement as part of the Agent’s initial profile setup.  However, the Agent’s broker representative will need to sign or acknowledge each referral for each transaction. 

What is iMove?
iMove is a lead generation tool that is similar to Zillow or, or and (to name a few) that connects consumers/transferees directly with Agents/Suppliers.  iMove will connect consumers/transferees with our Preferred Agents/Suppliers instead of them searching public sites to find an agent and/or supplier to assist them.

In addition to the lead aggregator, iMove is being designed to provide a single source for services and items associated with a move.  Including real estate services, moving supplies, and household good services.  This initial phase of iMove will be available for SIRVA’s clients providing Lump Sum benefits to their transferees for such transferees to utilize at the end of August.  Meanwhile, SIRVA will pursue expanding its customer base as needed.

For Agents/Brokers Only
This additional referral source through iMove will not require your relocation department’s support with day to day activities.  Once the consumer/transferee connects with their Agent of choice, they will work solely with the Agent.  Agents will need to provide updates in iMove about the listing and sale process so the consumer/transferee has this information to reference.

1). Agent receives email with link and completes their agent profile in iMove.
2). Agent will select their areas of coverage within their profile.
3). Agent will acknowledge the referral fee and provide broker contact information.
4). The broker contact will receive an email with a link to sign the master referral agreement for iMove. 
5). Agents will need to provide updates in iMove about the listing and sale process so the consumer/transferee has this information to reference.
6). The system will track which agent(s) the customer selects and we plan to provide the Broker Contact with the ability to easily track leads and referral fees once access is provided to you in the coming weeks.
7). Once the consumer/transferees has selected a property or has sold their property the broker contact will be alerted of the referral fee due.

Access to view Agent Activity
The Agent’s broker representative will be provided access in the coming weeks before SIRVA begins this program in or around late August.   You and your broker representative will receive access to view the  Agents associated with your Brokerage Firm at that time, track leads, and referral fees.

Agent/Supplier Referral Fee
The Agent referral fee for iMove referrals will be 25%.  This referral rate will also be noted in the master referral agreement that the Agent’s broker representative will sign once they receive the link. The Agent will be notified about the 25% referral fee at the time they are completing their profile.  If there is a subsequent referral for the same individual from another referral source it would be customary for the first referral to be honored.

The Supplier referral fee for iMove, if and as applicable, will be based on a mutually agreed upon rate between SIRVA and Supplier that will be reflected in an executed master service agreement.

Date to Start Receiving Leads
SIRVA estimate to start sending leads by the end of August.

Agent Ranking
The iMove website will pull reviews from Zillow as well as reviews from Lump Sum transferees and customers who use services through iMove.  We will confirm feedback from this users.  In an effort to provide the transferee/customer with a larger sample size of satisfaction scores, we will use sources like Zillow and disclose the source of the satisfaction information.

Quarterly Scorecard
iMove referrals will not be included in your quarterly scorecard.

Annual Network Fee
iMove referrals will not be included as part of your Annual Network Fee.

Relocation Referrals
SIRVA’s traditional relocation referrals for home sale, home finding, supplier services will continue to be facilitated through Apex, ServiceEngine or other SIRVA system at the current contracted referral fee rates.